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Our team size allows us to provide a breadth of services while still being agile, nimble, and personal. With an average of 20 years in senior living and 15 years of hands-on community sales per consultant, our experience brings a depth of knowledge, skill and insight that affords a fresh, innovative and creative perspective to your community.

Solutions Advisors is a strengths-based organization, subscribing to the belief that when you’re able to put more of your energy into developing an individual’s natural talents, extraordinary room for growth exists not just for the team member, but for the entire organization. Based upon Gallup’s study of human strengths and Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, each Solutions Advisors team member uncovers their unique themes of talent to align with their responsibilities and goals. Click through our bios below to see each team member’s top talent themes.

Kristin Kutac Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Messmer


Rebecca Townsend

Chief Operating Officer

Lorie Dancy MSN RN CRNP

Chief Wellness & Compliance Officer

Brad Clowney

Senior Vice President Finance and Asset Management

Mike Brindley

Senior Vice President of Consulting Services

Bethany DeBerard

Vice President of Consulting Services

Jeff Felton

Vice President of Interactive Innovation

Patti Adami

Vice President of Strategic Marketing

Paul O’Brien

Vice President of Sales & Marketing Services

Marilyn Hoffman

Vice President

Polly Karling

Vice President

Kimberly Paddison

Vice President

Kim Brawley

Regional Vice President

Sundeep Jeste

Regional Vice President

Nanette Meeler

Regional Vice President

Natasha Drake

Vice President of Marketing

Michele Lindsey

Vice President Team Engagement and Values

Joe Geiser

Vice President of Dining Services

Jon Sundheim

Vice President of Facilities & Development Services

Brian Halko

Director of Strategic Business Solutions

Cecelia LaForge

Director of Administrative Services

Joseph Brendlen

Director of Accounting Services

Claire Catanach

Director of Communications

Trevor Fredin

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Christine Dreisbach

Managing Director of Sales

Marquette Leach

Managing Director of Wellness

Melinda Stowe

Regional Director

Patti Scheck

Creative Director

Caroline Bailey

Project Director

Pam Adler

Project Director

Matt Holliday

Director of Content and UX

Shannon Martin

Account Director

Sarah Scott Thomas

Account Director

Gisela Dennis

Senior Sales Specialist

Krista Willson

Sales Specialist

Lisa Forsyth

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Specialist

Deb Lyons

Senior Production Manager

Allison Lam

Senior Accountant

Amethyst Gramley

Senior Accountant

Stacie Worley

Senior Accountant

Kimber Karn

Senior Digital Development Manager

Marna Bunger

Senior Account Manager

Aline Dudash

Production Manager

Amy Boze

Account Manager

Kat Burnett

Account Manager

Lisa Jones

Account Manager

Stephanie Jones

Account Manager

Keira Feagley

Digital Project Manager

Angela Thompson

Digital Project Manager

Heather Lancaster

Social Media Manager

Aiyana Cronk

Digital Marketing Specialist

Charlotte Rule

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dominique Mariano

Marketing Designer

Brittany Herbst

Recruiting Manager

Justine Elliott

Account Coordinator

Sandi Proctor

Administrative Coordinator

David Canavan