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OneDay partnership personalizes the sales process

In 2018, Solvere partnered with OneDay to personalize the sales process, build fast and enduring connections with prospects, and help Solvere Living communities stand out from the crowd. OneDay has proven to be a good choice, helping sales teams and staff engage with prospects, families, and residents through its instant video platform designed specifically for the senior living industry.

Founded and launched in January 2017, OneDay now partners with over 4,000 senior living communities, establishing itself as both a pioneer and best-in-class video sales platform. Today, OneDay’s simple but powerful application is essential for the digital age, providing communities with the benefits of face-to-face interaction, without the potential obstacles and difficulties of an in-person meeting. As a preferred partner of the Solutions Advisers Group (Solvere Living’s parent company), OneDay helps communities better tell their story in a way that’s specifically designed for this industry’s growing need for digital tools.

Here’s how Andrew Stout, National Director of Sales at OneDay, explains the shifting paradigm in marketing, and how to leverage instant video to stay relevant.

It’s All About the Community Experience

First of all, it’s a pleasure working with Solvere and the Solutions Advisers Group. It’s my experience that sharing knowledge, strategies, and best practices is the best way to grow!

Obviously, a lot has changed in the industry since we first partnered with Solvere in 2018. But in many ways, recent events have only accelerated what was already a growing dynamic within the senior living industry.

When it comes to forming those ever-important connections with prospects and their families, showcasing different amenities will only get you so far. And I think that’s a concept that few in the space fully grasped until social distancing hit the industry in Q1 of 2020.

Yes, a sparkling pool and an on-property movie theater look very nice in brochures, but the definition of value has dramatically changed in the last decade. Prospects and their loved ones are looking for a happy and satisfying quality of life, and not necessarily the higher-end perks that just don’t differentiate communities anymore.

Instead, people now place an absolute premium on senior living communities that are the best fit and go above and beyond in the services they provide. Adult children want to see their parents or grandparents with genuine smiles on their faces and know a great decision was made in choosing a community.

That’s what makes conveying the overall experience so critical for a sales team, and why video is an especially powerful marketing tool. Families can see those authentic smiles in a OneDay video, and there’s just no replacing that feeling of safety and peace of mind that it provides.

Video is Ideal for Digital Sales & Marketing

Sales teams will be the first to tell you that buyer behavior has changed significantly in just the last five years. People aren’t afraid of doing their own research anymore and, because of that, around 25% of all inquiries come through a senior community’s website now, and that figure will continue to grow.

Naturally, that means digital sales and marketing strategies must be able to capture those inquiries and nurture them. Because if one sales team fails in connecting with those digital inquiries, I bet the competition won’t have that difficulty.

Once again, that’s what makes video so uniquely powerful for the industry. It allows a sales team to personalize its message to the individual prospect and deliver it in the most convenient way – SMS, email, or any of the social media platforms. In fact, following up with OneDay videos helped one provider drive an unheard of 14% increase in move-ins in the first 90 days. Suffice to say, OneDay videos combine vital personalization with cost efficiency and scalability that no other form of content can match.

The Bigger Picture

Ultimately, it really comes down to understanding where a prospect is in their life. There’s a huge amount of change just over the horizon for them, where nearly everything will suddenly be new. It’s a vulnerable, overwhelming place to be, and the sales teams that can address those fears and help people feel comfortable, these are the communities that will come out on top.

And that’s exactly where OneDay thrives, in conveying those authentic touch points that will be so critical in driving move-ins. Prospects want to know that they can still continue doing what they love in life, whether that’s golf, gardening, or something else that puts a bounce in their step.

In the wake of this health crisis in many senior living communities, and beyond, simply being able to tell those stories and relay an accurate image of day-to-day life is essential for sales teams and staff. Video allows communities to take back control of the narrative and give prospects and families a far more reliable perspective than they get from TV or the internet. At OneDay, we are proud to give partners like Solutions Advisors Group the transparency people demand, but in a way that’s fun and engaging for everyone involved.