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April is Celebrate Diversity Month!

In 2004, April was designated as the month to recognize and honor the diversity surrounding us all, with the goal of people gaining a deeper level of respect and understanding of each other. We, at Solutions Advisors Group and Solvere Living, believe a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is key to all team members being valued, trusted and accepted. Our vision “Inspiring people to realize their full potential” drives our beliefs, and our DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Declaration provides a common framework to value, encourage and support team members.

We launched our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee in May of 2020 and are committed to celebrating, recognizing and encouraging these values throughout a variety of initiatives to include education, community and company task forces, and social activities. In late summer 2020, we developed our DEI Declaration that dives deeper into these values and further identified four focus areas: empathy, implicit bias, cultural sensitivity and respect. Recruiting efforts began for company and community task force facilitators and members. While we are proud of this commitment and progress, it is a journey and we have only just begun. We look forward to finding additional and different ways to continue our commitment to celebrate and embrace diversity during April and in the years to come.

How will you celebrate?